Create a Comprehensive Home Bluetooth System! FiiO's High Fidelity Bluetooth Transceiver BTA30 Pro Is Officially Released!

After the global chip shortage, the BTA30 released last October has faced an upgrade. Besides, many audiophiles have more needs for audio setups, such as higher sampling rate under USB DAC and Bluetooth support for LDAC. This time, the upgraded BTA30 Pro will be in place.



The BTA30 Pro not only supports devices of LDAC reception and transmission, but also supports LDAC transmission under USB in and SPDIF in. You can easily get Hi-Res lossless audio anywhere and anyhow.


The XMOS receiver chip easily handles a wide variety of audio formats up to 384kHz/32bit PCM and native DSD256, allowing you to enjoy it worry-free.


The all-new high-performance ES9038Q2M DAC is superior to the last-gen in performance, audio details, as well as dynamic range than those of portable audio products. Film capacitors work with the ES9038Q2M DAC for clearer and more transparent treble.


In addition, there are many news functions added, such as Bypass mode, one-button switching between input sources, one-button selection between sound quality priority/latency priority, one-button switching to conveniently choose between 6 formats in Bluetooth Transmitter Mode, helping to create a comprehensive home Bluetooth system for you!


Keep features of the FiiO BTA30 Pro include:

--ES9038Q2M DAC

--High performance DSP

--Qualcomm CSR8675

--XMOS receiver chip

--Transmit and receive LDAC

--Supports up to 384k/DSD256

--RGB indicator

--APP remote control


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