2. M17's buttons and ports introduction


【DC Port】
12V DC power supply port, after connecting to the power adapter and turning the switch to DC, the hidden gain mode---enhanced over-ear headphones mode will be triggered

【The difference betwwen USB3.0 and USB HOST ports】
There are two USB ports at the bottom of the M17.
USB3.0: supports data transfer with computer, USB DAC, USB Audio output, USB OTG, USB charging and other functions
USB HOST (2.0): Supports USB Audio output and USB OTG, but does not support functions such as connecting to a computer or charging.

【Volume knob and side volume buttons】
M17 uses the volume knob to adjust the volume by default. At this time, the volume button cannot adjust the volume. If you need to switch, you can enter Settings-Global, click "Volume Adjusting Mode", select "Adjust by Volume button" or "Adjust by Volume Knob".

【Multi-function button】
You can customize the multi-function buttons to select a frequently used function for one-button quick start.
For example, you can set the button to add to favorites, random play, play/pause, switch filter, switch equalizer, delete the currently playing song, switch to USB DAC mode, switch to Bluetooth mode, no function, etc.

【Hold switch】
You can customize it. After turning it on, the buttons and knobs that are in the off state will be locked.

【BAT/DC switch】
When the switch is set to BAT, the system will use the battery as a power source. When the switch is set to DC and the DC power adapter is connected(there is a power adapter in the accessories of the M17), the system will switch to DC power supply. At this time, the enhanced over-ear headphones mode will be added to the gain setting menu, and the system will pop up a window to prompt it, please choose whether to switch according to your needs. In the enhanced over-ear headphones mode, M17 will be able to provide greater output power, suitable for high-impedance headphones.