12. What are the differences between TWM, TWS+ and TWS?

Qualcomm's third-gen TWS Mirroring as utilized on the UTWS5 effectively reduces latency and instability for a better experience. Unlike TWS+, TWS Mirroring allows for seamless switching between being connected to the main and secondary ear units. This allows for a greater compatibility with various Bluetooth devices, all with lower latency and more reliable connections.

【Why does UTWS5 not distinguish primary and secondary eaphone when connecting to the mobile phone?】

UTWS5 adopts TWM technology so that only the primary ear hook is shown connected to the mobile phone, while the secondary ear hook is automatically connected as a monitor, and the earphones connect to the mobile phone can be more smoothly. The ear hooks are able to seamlessly switch between the primary and secondary roles according to the usage environment. And you don't need to reconnect, which is convenient for single-ear usage and other scenarios.