14. Can the silicone part of the ear hooks bend?

1. The UTWS5 ear hooks are worn around the ear. A memory wire is built into the silicone part of each ear hook. The arc and angle of the ear hook can be adjusted by adjusting the memory wire to make the ear hook fit your ears.

2. Because of the characteristics of the memory wire, normal twisting and adjustment will not cause damage to the earhook. And it is easy to recover, so you can adjust the hooks as you like.

3. When putting the adjusted ear hooks back into the charging box, pay attention to whether the metal contacts can be matched. You can check by putting the ear hooks in and close the charging case to see if it can be charged normally and disconnect the phone. If not, please adjust the angle of the placement

Note: Try to avoid folding the metal wire in half, otherwise the memory wire may be broken.