2. How many drivers does the JH3 have? What is the included cable?

[Driver configuration]

JH3 features a large 13.6mm bass dynamic driver that is the same size as that of a flagship dynamic driver IEM. The newly designed magnetic structure allows magnetic flux to increase by a significant 20% - resulting in lush, full mids and potently dynamic bass.

The JH3's meticulously designed internal structure features 2 exclusively customized BA drivers. These BA drivers are placed closer to the opening of the sound tube for less treble loss. Overall, thanks to its design, not only do the JJH3's 2 BA drivers sound transparent, they also work perfectly with the bass dynamic driver for a cohesive sound, without disjointed treble and mids.

[Included cable]

The JH3 adopted a 4 strands of 120 wires each monocrystalline copper cable. (Compatible with FiiO's cable series with a detachable 0.78 connector, including the LC-RE Pro, UTWS5,UTWS3)