3. What are the accessories? Is the cable interchangeable?

[Accessories included]

4 strands of 120 wires each monocrystalline copper cable*1

carrying case*1

balanced ear tips*3 pairs (SML)

bass ear tips*3 pairs (SML)

foam ear tips*1 pair (M)

instruction manual*1

[What are the differences between the ear tips?]

1. The Red and black ear tips: bass ear tips, which can improve the bass sense.

2. The translucent black ear tips: balanced ear tips, actual listening experience may vary from users.

3. Memory foam ear tip: more fit for ear canals with better sound insulation and noise cancellation effects.

[How to choose suitable ear tips]

The sound tube size of the JH3 is 6.0mm, so you can select eartips whose inner diameter is between 4 to 5mm.


The cable of theJH3 is detachable. (Compatible with FiiO's cable series with a detachable 0.78 connector, including the LC-RE Pro, UTWS5,UTWS3)