Finale of the Year-FiiO's Flagship Hybrid IEMs FH9 Is Officially Released!

With the birth of continuous new products, each of FiiO’s product lines becomes richer and richer. In the headphone amp category, there are K9 Pro and KA3. In the Bluetooth category, there are iterations of BTR5 2021 and UTWS5. And the portable desktop-class M17 stands out of the music player category.


So how about earphones? The first ones we would think of should be the FD3, FD7 and FDX in the dynamic driver line, and then the FA7s in the BA line, the FH5s/FH5s Pro in the hybrid driver line. But there is another possibility- one model that comes with top configurations. Will you be into it?


Now, it is coming- the all-new flagship hybrid driver IEMs, FH9. Let’s get to know more about it.


Build quality worthy of a flagship, pure titanium construction

The FH9's next-generation industrial design gives it a decidedly premium look and feel worthy of its status. The beautiful titanium construction with extreme rigidity helps to greatly minimize unwanted harmonics and resonances for better sound quality.


2nd generation FiiO DLC diaphragm dynamic bass driver

The FH9 is FiiO's first hybrid IEM to feature a self-developed 2nd generation DLC (diamond-like carbon) bass driver. Compared to the 1st generation driver, the magnetic circuit structure has been redesigned resulting in 20% higher magnetic density to better push the massive 13.6mm DLC diaphragm – which means an even more dynamic sound, extremely quick transient response with extremely minimal distortion.



Specially customized 6 Knowles BA setup

As for the 6 Knowles BA drivers, high frequencies are handled by the proven SWFK-31736 driver. For the mid frequency drivers, FiiO has partnered with Knowles themselves in over 2 years of extensive research on how to best implement such drivers to achieve perfect harmony between multiple drivers for an absolutely coherent sound.


The FH9's shell is specially engineered to eliminate unwanted harmonic resonance generated as sound waves travel through the shell, sound tube and cavity – which greatly eliminates undesirable sibilance in the sound.


*The FH9 is available on our AliExpress and Amazon Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.




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