Another improvement! Desktop DAC and Amplifier K5 Pro ESS Is Officially Released!

Since the birth of the K5 Pro, a desktop DAC and headphone amplifier, there are more convenient and cost-effective decoding devices for junior HiFi users. It is not only an excellent assistant for desktop HiFi external sound cards, but also helps to achieve an easier listening experience with HiFi over-ear headphones.


This time, this lively product has been upgraded due to chip shortage. From early December, the K5 Pro ESS edition entered the market. The main difference between the previous K5 Pro and the K5 Pro ESS is that the new one employs the flagship portable ESS DAC, the ES9038Q2M with more outstanding performance and richer audio details. Compared to the last gen, the distortion has reduced by 50%, the crosstalk for LO has increased by 6dB with greater channel separation, and the dynamic range has increased by 3dB.


In terms of performance, the K5 Pro ESS is superior when being connected to multiple devices- supporting coaxial/optical/RCA line inputs, 6.35mm/RCA line outputs, up to 768k sampling rate and native DSD512. In addition, low, medium, and high gain levels are available, allowing us to use the K5 Pro ESS with almost any headphone at comfortable volume levels.


Keep features of the FiiO K5 Pro ESS include:

--High-performance DAC ES9038Q2M

--XMOS decoding

--Specially-designed audio architecture

--Supports 768k/32bit, DSD512

--3 gain levels

--1.5W large power

--Coaxial/Optical/RCA line inputs

--6.35mm/RCA line outputs

--RGB indicator lights


*The K5 Pro ESS is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.


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