FiiO JH3 Review


Fiio and Jade Audio have really hit the mark with the JH3. Possessing a lively, engaging and entertaining sound and suffering from no major shortcomings, it represents superb value. It matches, and even exceeds the performance of well-regarded and more expensive models. There is little to criticise here.

The timbre is generally very natural and it has a superb bass, a clear and well-tuned midrange and highly detailed treble, and the soundstage performance is excellent. The balance between technicality and musicality is well-judged. The treble occasionally shows some unwanted sharpness of tone especially at high volume (Fletcher-Munson curve) and there is a touch of bass bleed into the midrange, but these are minor issues. 

This being the first of the collaborations with Jade Audio, I look forward to their next release with anticipation. The JH3 really impresses and should be in your shortlist if you are looking for a quality IEM in this price bracket. 



Author: LYNN GRAY; From:

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