5. How to create the external playlists for the X5II?

(Note: the external playlists are only accessible through "Browse files", but not " Play by category" or "Category" section.  Because it may cause the conflict between external playlists and internal ones, if all of them are categorized into " Play by category" or " Category" - > " Playlists".  In consideration of the whole system stability of the DAPs, this design will not be changed in the future firmware update.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and support )  

Method for adapting existing playlists for the  X5II/X3MKIII/X3II/X1II/X1/X3/X5 
The  X5II/X3MKIII/X3II/X1II/X1/X3/X5  can read playlists with relative pathing and thus is compatible with most existing playlists that do not reference the drive letter at the beginning of each track reference, with one caveat. 

Method for creating playlists for the  X5II/X3MKIII/X3II/X1II/X1/X3/X5 in foobar2000
New playlists compatible with the  X5II/X3MKIII/X3II/X1II/X1/X3/X5  may be created using foobar and a text editor as follows:
1. Connect the SD card for the  X5II/X3MKIII/X3II/X1II/X1/X3/X5  to the computer (e.g. by connecting the  X5II/X3MKIII/X3II/X1II/X1/X3/X5  itself with the SD card inside in Storage USB mode)
2. Load the songs desired from the SD card into a new playlist and save the playlist as a M3U8 file in the root directory of the SD card.



3. Open the M3U8 file in notepad.  Check that no drive letters are mentioned at the beginning of each line.



If the playlist is to be played on X7/X5III, you need to also replace all the backslash \ with slash / in the playlist, otherwise it cannot be recognized. You may use the Replace function on notepad (Edit->Replace) to do the replacement.

Method for creating playlists for the  X5II/X3MKIII/X3II/X1II/X1/X3/X5 in iTunes
If using a windows PC for playlist creation, foobar2000 is recommended over iTunes.  If using iTunes on the Mac, the custom playlist export program created by fellow X1/X5 user, JeremyLaurenson, is recommended:
http://www.head-fi.org/t/728503/ ... es-to-dap-converter