8. The issues regarding to the function of the X3 USB DAC.

A: 1. When switching between songs of different sample rates, there will be a slight pop sound. This is caused
        by the WM8740 changing its system clock.

    2. When you change TTPlayer's output device from wave out to KS (kernel streaming), it may show   
       a“cannot open” error. Please restart TTPlayer to fix this.

    3. Why can't I adjust the X3's volume from the computer?
        You may adjust the music player's output options. If wave out or Directsound output is chosen, both the
        computer and X3 may adjust the volume. If kernel streaming or ASIO is chosen, only the X3 may adjust the

   4. Can the X3 switch between storage and DAC modes without switching off or pulling the USB cable?
       No. Please unplug the USB cable, change the USB mode on the X3 and then replug. Or change the mode,
       switch off or reset the X3 and turn it back on.

   5. Is the X3's decoding synchronous, adaptive or asynchronous?
      Asynchronous transfer and decoding.

   6. Changes in the X3's volume, bass / treble settings, and channel balance in DAC mode will be reflected
       back in player mode and vice versa.

   7. Under windows XP, using Directsound or wave out, playing songs with sample rates 64kHz, 32kHz and
       under 32kHz, the X3 will show the sample rate as 192kHz. The coaxial output will also be upsampled to
      192kHz (e.g. while connected to the E17 for decoding).

  8. The X3 always shows the output bit depth as 24bits, even when the song itself is 16 bit. This is because the
     data is padded to 24bits before sending to the internal DAC and is a known issue.