5.Does the KA1 support in-line control and answering phone calls?

1. There is no physical button on the KA1, so in-line control will not be supported.

2. Since different smartphones vary in USB phone call permissions, the in-line control and phone call functions of the KA1 are temporally unavailable.

3. An incoming call will be passed out through the speaker and microphone of the mobile phone. So you can pick up the phone to answer the call without unplugging the KA1.


Note: In-line microphone function has been added for KA1 in FW1.2. (Firmware download link: Click here)

In-line microphone function could be enabled via FiiO Control app. (The function will be set after reconnect.)

Some mobile phones(Like Hwawei, iPhone) do not support calling via microphone in the headphone of KA1.

When in-line microphone function is on,  DSD native mode would work only when using headphone without microphone.