14. How to play DSD files when Q5 works as DAC for Windows computer?

Here is an example of the Foobar2000(v1.3.8) installed on Windows computer.

The way to play DSD files when Q5 works as DAC for the computer is the same as Q1MKII. Here is the example about Q1MKII.


a.Connecting the Q1MKII with the computer by the micro USB cable came with the Q1MKII, and select the Q1MKII as the default output device on your computer.

b. The latest USB DAC driver(v4.13.0) should already be installed on Wins computer.

Here is the instruction about how to install the USB DAC driver(v4.13.0): click here.

Note: iOS device users are required to buy the musicapplication program which can support DSD format, such as Audirvana Plus.

1.Please download foobar2000 install pack: click here, and install it on the Wins computer.

2. There are someapplication plug-ins in foobar2000 install pack, and the certain ones should beinstalled firstly.

① ASIOProxyInstall-0.7.3.exe

② foo_out_asio

③ foo_input_sacd

④ foo_input_dsdiff

3-1. Double click thefile ASIOProxyInstall-0.7.3.exe and then approve this installation. Please click button Next and then click button Install to install ASIO Proxy for Foobar2000.

3-2. Double click the file foo_out_asio to installcomponent ASIO support. 
        Click button yes(Y) to continue, and click button OK onPreference: Components, then click button OK on foobar2000 preference to apply the change.   
        Continue to install foo_input_sacd and foo_input_dsdiff plug-ins by following the same steps.

        After done, those plug-ins will be shown as on the following picture.

01 foobar2000插件.png 

4. At this time, DSD files already can be played on foobar2000. You can continue to install other plug-ins if you want to play the special formats files, such as DTS.

5-1. Select Device: “ASIO:foo_dsd_asio” (Files -> Preference -> Playback-> Output)

02 foobar2000输出设备选择.png 

5-2 Click ASIO from Output (File ->  Preference), then double click “foo_dsd_asio”. Please make some changes on ASIO Proxy 0.7.3 pop-up window according to the following picture.

03 foobar2000原生DSD设置.png 

5-3 Change Output Mode: DSD (Tools->SACD)


6. After finishing the above settings, when DSD playback,foobar shows playback status as below:


And you will find the DSD indicator on Q1MKII will be on now. Then you can start to enjoy the music with DSD format by Q1MKII.