4. How to use the KA2 as USB DAC for computer?

1. Before first connecting, please install the to enable the FiiO USB Audio Driver first.
2. Settings of the playback software on computers: select FiiO KA2/FiiO K series as the audio output device. Connect it to headphones for use. For some computers, it is required to select the KA2 as the system audio output.
Settings of DSD tracks: Click here
1. The KA2 runs driver-free on macOS.
2. When connecting to the Type-C port on the computer, just use the Type-C edition of the KA2. If it is connected to a USB-A port, just use the USB-A to Type-C adapter to complete the connection.
3. Select the FiiO KA2/FiiO K series as the audio output device of the computer.
The KA2 runs driver-free on Linux. Theoretically, connect the KA2 to the computer to use it directly. However, since there are too many versions of the Linux system, compatibility cannot be guaranteed. If there is a problem, it is recommended to try other data cables or switch to other USB ports. No recognition probably means nonsupport.