5. How to activate menu of the BTR7? Introduction of the menu

Activate menu: While the device powers on and not on the menu page, hold the power button for about 2 seconds.

Exit menu: Hold the power button for about 2 seconds on the menu page.

Return to the previous menu step by step: On the menu page, short press the power button.

Confirm menu: Short press Multifunction button on the menu page.

Switch submenus: Short press button volume +/- on the menu page.
Gain: High and low
Filter: Sharp Roll-Off Filter and Hybrid fast roll-off filter
Filters are the sound effects born with the chip, which only has slight adjustments for the sound.
1. You could set the custom User EQ via the FiiO Control APP
2. EQ is not supported in UAC 2.0 mode. In UAC 1.0 mode or Bluetooth mode, EQ is supported.
Car mode: After turning on the car mode, you can connect the BTR7 to the on-board USB port, and the BTR7 will power on automatically when the vehicle engine starts, and power off when the engine stops.
U-Audio: Switch between UAC 1.0 and UAC 2.0 mode.
UAC1.0: Driver Free mode under USB 1.0
UAC2.0: High bit rate transfer mode under USB2.0
Dimmer:Adjust screen brightness level: 1~5
Language/语言: Switch between Chinese and English
The language selection page will show when turning on the first time or after factory reset.
Screen timeout: Adjust screen timeout: 5-30s
Input priority: Switch Bluetooth or USB DAC to be prior
Factory reset: BTR7 will turn off after factory reset
Version: Check the firmware version of BTR7