7. How to use the BTR7 as a DAC for the computer?

The BTR7 can be used as a USB DAC for computers which can support up to 384K/DSD256 sampling rate in UAC 2.0 mode.

When the BTR7 is under UAC 1.0 mode, no driver is required. Just select the BTR7 as the default audio output device after connecting it to the computer.

Windows supports UAC 2.0 mode: When first connecting, please go to our website to download the USB DAC driver, and install it as the instruction to enable the USB DAC function.

FiiO USB DAC driver download:
v4.47.0 version: Click here
v5.30.0 version: Click here (Only available for Win 10/11, not for Win7/8/XP)
The following instruction takes Windows 7 as an example to introduce how to install the USB DAC driver on the computer, and use the DAC to play songs: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202106181129330797039&tid=17


1. MacBook runs driver-free. Just directly choose the BTR7 as the output device.
2. How to use the FiiO device as a USB DAC on a MAC: http://https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202105191616354037331
1. If the BTR7 is connected through both Bluetooth and USB DAC, the playback of USB DAC will default to be prior to that of Bluetooth. You can also switch to Bluetooth first in the menu for your preference.

2. UAC 1.0 and UAC 2.0 mode could be switched in the U-AUDIO menu of the BTR7.

3. EQ is not supported in UAC 2.0 mode. In UAC 1.0 mode or Bluetooth mode, EQ is supported.