Notification About Changes to FiiO's True Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier UTWS5

Since the release of the UTWS5, it has been widely acclaimed among users for its excellent sound quality and continuously optimized software. What's more, we listened to our users' suggestions to further improve the magnetic design and contacts of the UTWS5.


Here are two changes that occurred in the new editions.

1) One of the contacts on the ear hook was moved to the top by making use of phase magnets, which makes it more accurate to locate the position when putting the ear hook back in the charging case.


2) Added notches on two sides of the charging case with corresponding L and R unit markers to avoid scratches.


These changes were based on users' suggestions. Without affecting the performance and functions of the UTWS5, we refined its appearance design. Except for the above minor differences, the configuration, functions and performance of the old and new versions are the same. We hope the new edition can bring you a better user experience.


Best regards,

Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.