More than Pro! FiiO's Headphone Cable LC-RE Pro 2022 Is Coming!

Since the LC-RE Pro was released last September, it has been warmly welcomed among users. Also, it was the winner of the VGP 2022 SUMMER Award. Today, the pro edition, LC-RE Pro 2022, is coming in a new way.


Compared to the last generation, the LC-RE Pro 2022 has made a further step in terms of wires. That is, each strand comes with 10 monocrystalline gold-plated copper wires +15 monocrystalline pure silver wires + 20 monocrystalline copper wires. 8 strands in the LC-RE Pro 2022 means a total of 360 wires in the cable. Compared to the previous generation, the increase in the number of wires in the cable means that per channel, the wire diameter has increased to 24AWG. This means that the conductor diameter and cross-sectional area are larger, which effectively reduces impedance and signal transmission loss. Ultimately, this improves signal transmission efficiency and results in better sound.


The upgrades to the LC-RE Pro 2022 not only come from the increase in amount of wires, but also from different proportions of the amount of each type of wire. Gold, silver and copper are allocated in a 2:3:4 ratio for the optimal balance of speed, warmth, and detail.


What's more, the LC-RE Pro 2022 follows the tradition as a flagship. It uses gold, silver, and copper as the materials that make up its inner core. After high temperature sintering, casting and secondary smelting, a single crystal is formed – special processes to treat impurities are then carried out to improve wire purity to minimize signal transmission loss in the wire. Due to this careful treatment of wires made out of gold, silver and copper, the LC-RE Pro 2022 is able to capitalize on the advantages of each type of material for a comprehensive upgrade to sound quality.


It never ignores the details. The LC-RE Pro 2022 features angled expanded MMCX connectors for greater usability. The mid-section and the plug are made of medical grade 316L stainless steel – which is more durable and more comfortable when wearing. Besides, the twist-lock swappable audio plug design is more convenient for users.


Keep features of the LC-RE Pro 2022 include:

--Gold, silver and copper wires braided mix

--8 strands totaling 360 wires

--Stainless steel angled MMCX

--Litz braided wires

--Twist-lock swappable audio plugs

--Transparent German TPU sheath

--“Left blue right red” easy identification


*The LC-RE Pro 2022 is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.


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