Apple's new device discovery, iRC-MMCX decoding headphone line officially listed!


In response to the demand of Apple users that they do not have a 3.5mm interface, Feiao first introduced the Lightning interface decoding earpiece.i1,Connect Apple devices to input digital audio signals and output signals through the 3.5mm interface. Now, the accessory manufacturers will introduce a new way to play Apple devices--iRC-MMCX decoding headphone cable.

iRC-MMCX is a decoding earphone cable specially designed for Apple's Lightning interface, which can be connected to Apple devices to input digital audio signals. Music playback software supported by Apple can be used. Innovatively adopt standard MMCX interface and adapt to standard MMCX interchangeable ear-wound earphones. Equipped with high-performance audio CODEC chip to present high-fidelity music effect and reproduce moving ear melody; Self-belt wire control and MIC.

At present, a small amount of goods have arrived at Feiao Tmall flagship store. Apple users should act quickly!

listing price: 288 yuan

Feiao Tmall Flagship Store: