4. What kind of micro SD card does the X5 3rd gen support? And how to install/eject the card?

A: The X5 3rd gen/X7MKII can support two micro SD cards with the capacity up to 256GB.  And the card of class 10 (or above level) is recommended.

There are two concealed micro SD card slots at the right side of the X5 3rd gen/X7MKII. To install the cards, you can first use the supplied card tray ejector pin to poke the little hole on the card tray, then it will pop up.  After that pull out the card tray, install the micro SD card onto the tray holder (in the direction showed in the below images), and then insert the card tray with cards back into the slot.


The right way to put the microSD card and card tray together
microSD card.png 

To eject the card, you can also follow the above steps and operate similarly.

Note: If you intert the micro SD card without the card tray into the card slot by accident, you may try to use the tweezers to clamp the both left and right sides of the micro SD card, then take it out from the slot gently. Or please contact us(
support@fiio.net) in time.