21. How to update the media lib (scan for songs) on the default player app FiiO Music?

A: Open FiiO Music, and in the main men click the Settings icon (at the upper-left of the screen) or swipe right with your finger from the left side to enter the Settings menu. After that, click "Scan for songs" to enter the scan menu. You can choose to scan all music on the player or only scan selected folders.There is also a settings icon at the upper-right of the Scan menu, you can click it to enter the Scan settings and set the player to filter the tracks shorter than 60 seconds or samller than a certain size.

The latest version of the FiiO Music supports incremental media update, which means the player will only scan for the new songs that are added since the last update. Also, the scan result will only show the total number of the new songs that are added to the library.

If the media scanning fails and freeze, please first exit FiiO Music, then reopen it. After that reset the media datase (FiiO Music Settings->Reset database), and scan for songs again.

If it still fails after that, please find the crash log folder in X5's internal storage ("internal_sd\FiiOMusic\crash), then send this folder (you may first have it compressed/zipped) to support@fiio.net, so to help us analyze the problem.