3. Buttons and Ports introductions of Q7


①Power/Lock button
②Previous track
④Next track
⑤Side ambient light
⑥6.35mm headphone out
⑦4.4mm BAL headphone out
⑧volume knob indicator light
⑨3.5mm headphone out/line out
⑩2.5mm BAL headphone out
⑪Volume knob/button
⑫BAT/DC switch
⑬USB charge switch
⑭Reset hole
⑮Optical input port
⑯USB port
⑰DC power port
⑱Coaxial input port
Input/Output priority
Input priority: switch the input mode to select corresponding input signals;
Output priority: the connected headphones will be detected and then displayed on the status bar. When connected to two headphones, it will switch to another output when the one is disconnected.