FiiO Portable DAC and Amplifier Q7 Is Officially Released!

The innovative concept of portable desktop devices brings the M17 comprehensive performance and makes it a great success. At the same time, in our follow-up research, many audiophiles coveted the M17's strong audio performance, but were discouraged by its high price. Under this condition, we followed the design concept of the M17, and cleverly integrated the console configuration into the portable size, so that the Q7 could maintain the powerful performance of the M17 while being carefully crafted on other aspects.


The Q7 features desktop-grade configurations- THX AAA 788+ amp circuit + XMOS 16-core XU316 + ES9038PRO DAC + Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip, integrating portable and desktop DAC/Amps in one. Such robust performance allows you to travel freely in the music world with a pure listening experience.


The Q7 supports DC and battery-powered modes. Under the DC power supply mode, the battery is bypassed to protect battery life. Also, the Enhanced over-ear headphone mode will be enabled to improve the output power to 3000mW. Under the battery-powered mode, the 9200mAh battery is up to the task of letting the Q7 output up to 1500mW of power.


Another upgrade in the Q7 is FiiO's self-developed digital control core center. This control chip powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor efficiently handles tasks such as clock management, USB decoding, and optical decoding to optimize sound quality. To further enhance sound quality, the digital and analog sections are physically separated on different boards with shield covers to achieve an extremely pure sound for a superb listening experience.


The Q7 continues FiiO's modern design language, featuring a bold next-gen mech design complemented by tasteful color lights. In addition, the Q7 is equipped to handle any situation - with USB, optical and coaxial inputs; 2 single-ended (6.35mm and 3.5mm) and 2 balanced outputs (4.4mm and 2.5mm); and also LO output too.


Key features of the Q7 include:

-- 3000mW output power

-- Fully balanced THX AAA 788+ amplifier

-- Dual portable/desktop power supply modes

-- Numerous inputs and outputs

-- High-end XMOS XU316 + ES9038PRO + QCC5124 configuration

-- Self-developed digital control core

-- Next-gen mech design

-- Color IPS display

-- Multiple intelligent protection systems


* The Q7 is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.


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