5. What to do if something wrong happens to the Q7?

In any mode, when the device is stuck or abnormal, you can follow the steps below to perform a factory data reset.

(1) There is a RESET hole at the bottom of the body. Use the card ejector pin to briefly press the button in the reset hole to force it to restore the default setting.
(2) Or, enter the "Factory Reset" menu in the system settings to restore the default settings.
If the prompt "Output abnormal" appears on the screen, is there something wrong with the device?
FiiO has a solid design foundation and an excellent quality control system, which guarantees product reliability.
As a portable desktop DAC/Amp, the Q7 has high power supply voltage and strong output capability. In order to ensure more stable and reliable operation of various connectors, we designed multiple detection and protection circuits inside with high sensitivity. If there is an "abnormal output", it is not really a big issue, it may be some overload problems caused by plugging and unplugging the cable or the ambient temperature. At this time, please turn off the device (for about 5 minutes) and turn it on again later to see if it can be solved.
If the Q7 has an issue under Bluetooth receiving mode, please try the following methods:
(1) Delete the Q7 on the mobile phone
Go to the Settings -> Bluetooth menu on the mobile phone to delete the connected Q7. Then, enter the pairing mode to pair them again.
(2) Delete the pairing info on the Q7
Ensure the Q7 is powered on, hold the previous track button and the next button at the same time for about 5 seconds.
(3) Reset
Use a toothpick to short press the RESET button next to the USB port.