6. How to access the settings menu in Q7?

【Call up the menu】

If the display is off, please press the power button on the side to wake it up.

(1) Activate menu: While the device powers on and is not on the menu page, hold the volume knob for about 2 seconds.
(2) Exit menu: On the menu page, hold the volume knob for about 2 seconds.
(3) Return to the previous menu step by step: On the menu page, hold the volume knob to return to the previous menu; short press to enter the next menu or confirm.
(4) Confirm menu: Short press the knob on the menu page.
(5) Switch submenus: Rotate the knob on the menu page.
【Introduction to the submenus】
(1) Gain: supports, Low, Medium, High and Over-ear headphone gains. In DC-powered mode, it can enable Ultra High Gain.
(2) Single-ended output: LO or PO
(3) Balanced output: LO or PO
(4) Line-out volume: adjustable or fixed volumes
(5) Max volume: self-defined from 20 to 120 levels, invalid to fixed volume under line-out output
(6) Enable Ultra High Gain: set to auto-on or enable it manually
(7) Filter: original 7 filters of the DAC chip
(8) Dimmer: adjustable brightness 1~5 levels
(9) Screen timeout: adjustable 5-30 seconds
(10) USB mode: UAC1.0- driverless mode; UAC2.0: high bit-rate transmission mode
(11) Language/语言: switch between Chinese and English
(12) Factory reset: clear configuration record; the Q7 will turn off after factory reset
(13) Firmware version: Check the firmware version of the Q7; the XMOS version should be checked on the driver panel of your computer