7. Charging and battery of the Q7


The Q7 has a high-performance lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 9200mAh.
Battery life
Bluetooth aptX, over-ear headphone mode: 11H for PO, 9.5H for BAL;
Bluetooth AAC, over-ear headphone mode: 11.5H for PO, 9H for BAL;
Bluetooth LDAC, over-ear headphone mode: 10.5H for PO, 9H for BAL;
USB decoding, over-ear headphone mode: 11H for PO, 9H for BAL;
Coaxial decoding, over-ear headphone mode: 11.5H for PO, 9.5H for BAL;
What is the charging logic of the DC and USB ports?
1. In DC mode, neither DC nor USB is charged;
Note: When the device is powered off at low battery, no matter which state the switch is in, the battery will be charged as long as there is a DC or USB power supply.
2. In BAT mode, as long as there is a DC plug in, the battery will be charged. Whether the USB is charging is controlled by the USB charging switch. If both DC and USB are charging at the same time, DC is preferred.
What is the function of the charging switch?
The USB CHARGE switch at the bottom of the Q7 is only valid for the USB Type-C port of the Q7, not for the DC input port. That is, it ensures when connecting to a mobile phone for decoding, it will not consume the power of the mobile phone.
How to tell the charging status of the Q7?
Check the battery icon on the status bar:
1. When the display is white, it is not charging;
2. Green: normal charge;
3. Blue: fast charge;
4. The color of full charge is consistent with the state of charge;
5. When the battery is low, it is red.
What power adapter is suggested to use?
9V PD and DC power supply will be recognized as fast charging.
(1) The Q7 supports fast charging, but only supports PD 9V fast charging but not QC. So it is suggested to use a PD 20W and above fast charging power supply. It will take about 4.5 hours for a full charge.
(2) You can also choose a linear power supply with 12V and 24W or above DC output and charge the Q7 through the DC port. At this time, it is also fast charging, and will take about 4.5 hours for a full charge. Please do not use a power supply less than 12V (such as 9V, etc.) or higher than 12V (such as 15V, etc.).
(3) The general 5V/2A charger can also charge the Q7, but it will not trigger fast charging nor guarantee full compatibility, and the charging time will be relatively long.
Can the adapter stay plugged into the device? Will it affect the battery life?
Yes, it can. To take advantage of the DC desktop device and protect the battery during long-term operation in DC desktop mode, the battery of the Q7 will not be charged in DC mode, and it will not consume the power of the battery at this time. If you really need to use a DC power supply to charge the battery, please switch to the BAT level.
In desktop mode, DC level, the battery is "isolated", so we don't have to worry about damaging the battery.
When powered by DC, can it enable the Ultra High Gain while staying charging?
No, the Ultra High Gain can only be enabled when the CHG switch is toggled to the "DC" position. If the battery is charged by a DC power supply, please toggle the bottom switch to "BAT" to charge the battery. At this time, charging is not controlled by the CHG switch, and cannot enable the Ultra High Gain.