8. How to enable Bluetooth receiving mode?

【How to enable Bluetooth receiving mode】
(1) On the homepage, short press the volume knob to enter the working mode menu. Rotate the knob to switch to the Bluetooth menu, and short press the knob to enter the Bluetooth receiving mode;
(2) Long press the side Play/Pause button to enter the pairing mode, and the side indicator light will flash alternately in red and blue;
(3) Enter the settings menu of the Bluetooth transmitting device such as a mobile phone, find the FiiO Q7, and connect it;
(4) Connect headphones to the Q7, and adjust the volume to a suitable level before playing music.
【How to enter pairing mode? (not on the menu page)】
(1) Power on for the first time: After the device powers on, it will automatically enter the pairing mode with the display showing 'Pairing...'. After the device restarted, it will reconnect to the last connected device automatically.
(2) Force the device to enter pairing mode: In the connecting state, long press the Play/Pause button for about 3s until the display shows 'Pairing...'.
Note: When it is turned on for the first time or after clearing the pairing record, it will automatically enter pairing mode.
【How to clear the pairing?】

When it is on, long press the Previous track+Next track buttons for about 3s at the same time.

Does it support calls in Bluetooth mode?

The Q7 does not have a microphone. It only supports audio connection in Bluetooth mode and does not support calls. So you need to use a mobile phone with a microphone to answer the call. Because the Q7 is relatively large, it is not as easy to be attached to the collar with a clip as the BTR series, so the call function experience will not be so good.