9. How to enable the Enhanced over-ear headphone mode?

Set the toggle switch at the bottom of the Q7 to "DC", and set "Enable Ultra High Gain" to "Auto On" in the menu. After being connected to the supplied power adapter, the Q7 will enter DC mode automatically. And the Enhanced over-ear headphone mode will be enabled.
(1) The internal battery of the Q7 will be disabled automatically (not charging or discharging to better protect the battery);
(2) When using an external DC power supply, the gain level will go to the highest. The power supply of the amp part is directly supplied by DC, and the output power is the strongest.
(3) It is recommended to use it with headphones, and pay attention to the volume to avoid sudden volume changes and hearing damage.
Note: If it is not set to "Auto-turn on", you can manually switch to the Ultra High Gain in the menu after plugging in the DC power supply.