11. How to use the Q7 as a USB DAC for a mobile phone?

(1) Toggle the USB charging switch to OFF. If it is set to ON, the mobile phone may work abnormally due to insufficient power supply capacity.
(2) On the homepage, short press the volume knob to enter the working mode menu. Rotate the knob to USB. Short press the knob to enter the USB decoding mode.
(3) Use a USB cable to connect the mobile phone to the Q7, and connect the output port of the Q7 to headphones or a speaker. The Q7 will losslessly decode the audio signal transmitted through the mobile phone.
【Android phone】
Use the Type-C to Type-C cable included in the package to connect the Q7 to your mobile phone. Play music to directly enjoy high-quality music.
Notes: If there is no sound after connecting, please follow the measures below to solve it.
(1) Settings on apps, such as FiiO Music: Turn the USB output to ON. But note that some devices will have output only when the USB output is turned off.
(2) Please check if the USB debugging is enabled in developer mode. You may need to go to "Developer Options" in "Other Advanced Settings", and then enable the "USB Debugging" or "OTG" function.
(3) Please confirm whether the cable is FiiO's Type-C to Type-C cable and whether the cable is reversed as there is a direction indication.
(4) After the above settings are completed, please try to re-plug the cable, or play music, or switch songs to make sure whether it is a hardware or software issue. If it cannot be solved, please contact our customer service to confirm whether it needs to be returned.
Connect the Q7 to the iPhone via the Lightning to Type-C cable included in the accessory to enjoy high-quality music.
Note: iOS devices won't need too many settings. If there is no sound, it is probably because of the poor contact of the cable or the port.