15. Introduction to the ambient light on the top and side

To make it more visible, the indicator lights on the Q7 are designed with the same color. Here are their rules.
(1) DAC decoding: the color is distinguished according to the audio quality: blue for 48k and below sampling rate; yellow for above 48k; green for DSD; magenta for MQA.
(2) In the Bluetooth receiving state, the color of the ambient light is distinguished according to the Bluetooth format.
(3) In the charging state, the light is breathing with corresponding color, and it is always bright when the charging is full.
(4) When there is no signal, the ambient light will change randomly in several colors.
(5) In the FiiO Control app, the indicator light can be turned off or set to gradient.
Can the ambient light be turned off?
It will be turned on as default with the device powering on, and will go out with the device powering off. If you need to turn off the ambient light in the power-on state, you can turn it off permanently in the FiiO Control app.
Can the indicator light of the volume knob and the light on the side be set to different states separately?
No, it can't.