16. How to use the MQA function of the Q7?

The Q7 supports MQA Full decoder+Renderer, which will show "MQA" on the display. It requires working with music applications that support MQA Core Decoder.
Take the Tidal app as an example. Please turn off the "Loudness normalization" on the settings menu first, and then switch the output to MQA. Connect the Q7 to the mobile phone via USB and play an MQA file in Tidal. "MQA" displayed on the Q7 means the MQA is working.
When playing MQA tracks, what do the OFS, a dot, etc. displayed in the Q7 mean?
MQA has three formats. When the Q7 is decoding, the following three formats will be displayed as follows - MQA (with green dots or without dots), MQA (blue dots) or MQA Studio/MQA OFS. They respectively represent MQA Authentic, MQA Studio, and MQA Core.