A New Baseline for Balanced Desktop Sound! Desktop DAC and Amplifier K7 Is Officially Released!

Since the K5 Pro has become a hit on the market, we have enlarged our investment in desktop DAC and amplifiers. The K9 Pro was a great proof which was also very popular among users. However, between these two products, a further-level DAC/Amp is still absent. This time, the K7 is checking in to be the new baseline for balanced desktop sound in the FiiO family!


The K7 follows the same audio architecture as in the previous high-end K9 Pro, a truly balanced circuit consisting of DAC + LPF + Volume control + Buffer amplifier + Pre-amplification + Headphones. Audio signals from each channel are processed by the fully differential audio architecture.


As for the amplifier, the K7 applies the THX AAA 788+ that was designed for desktop devices. Under a 300Ω load at 1% distortion of each channel, it is capable of outputting 560mW, and 2000mW into a 32Ω load at 1% distortion of each channel. As for the DAC, its left and right channels are each equipped with AKM's latest AK4493SEQ DAC chip, for classic high quality and warm sound. As for the USB decoding chip, the XMOS XUF208 featured in the K7 uses dual clock management to handle various music formats with ease.


The K7 features a power design consisting of multiple independent stages, with the voltage of each stage being regulated by low-noise LDOs. Feeding this power design is an external 12V switching power supply. All in all, the K7's power design is designed to supply plentiful, clean power for an extraordinary listening experience. To ensure that the K7 always operates at its best, the overheating, overloading and DC protection systems are here to lead you to an immersive and wonderful listening experience.


In addition, the K7 features an all-aluminum alloy construction, carefully finished with CNC and other processes. Its petite design only measures 55mm thick. Coupling with the brilliant RGB light show fits perfectly on modern desks.


Key features of the K7 include:

-- Truly balanced headphone amp

-- THX AAA 788+ amp technology

-- Dual AK4493S DACs

-- Multiple intelligent protection systems

-- Power supply with numerous independent LDOs

-- Included 12V/24W low-noise switching power supply

-- RGB status indicators

-- 3 output modes

-- Two levels of hardware gain

-- Numerous outputs and inputs


*The K7 is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away. https://www.aliexpress.us/item/1005004861469804.html


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