Two Big News! FiiO's New Dynamic Driver IEMs JD7 Is Coming! With BTR5, FH9, M11 Plus and M17 Joining the AliExpress 11·11 Sale!

FiiO’s new dynamic driver IEMs JD7 is coming! It achieves a more delightful music experience with an all-new dynamic driver, tuning style and even ear tips demonstration.


The JD7 features a 10mm dynamic driver with an internal and external magnetic circuit setup that greatly improves the magnetic flux density so that the driver can push more air for a more effortless sound. The JD7's driver is put into a dual-layer housing where each layer features a damping system to ultimately result in a quicker-sounding driver with deeper bass.


It is worth noting that The JD7 features a frequency response very close to the Harman curve (In ear 2019) that will please a wide variety of people.


The JD7 ear units are made of 316L stainless steel. This results in a comfortable wearing experience while also making it highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.


Included with the JD7 are FiiO’s brand-new ultra-thin HS18 ear tips, which are light and comfortable to wear, fully letting you hear the JD7’s sound as intended.


* Click the link to take the JD7 home right away:


Since the JD7 is coming right exactly when the AliExpress 11·11 Sale is performing, so we prepare a big discount for its first release- it will be served with a 40% discount. Here for the 11·11 Sale, we will have other products served on the table.


Here are details for the AliExpress 11·11 Sale on our Official Store:

· Discount: up to 40% off (please refer to the product page in our store to get the exact discount)

· Time: Nov. 1-11, 2022 (PDT)

· Place: AliExpress FiiO Official Store

· Products: JD7 (first release), BTR5, FH9, M11 Plus and M17


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