Fiio K7 review

The K7 here is substantial folks. Out of all the audio goods I have reviewed this year the K7 goes down as the most substantial of all of them. This thing surprises me every time I listen to music on the thing. Let alone watch a movie or play a game using its sound. It has one of the most dynamic, musical meaty sound signatures I have ever heard in any source. It clearly plays to how l like to listen to my music.

It is like a thick cut of aged prime wagyu beef that you savor with every bite. This magical combination of AK4493SEQx2 and THX-AAA788+x2, extremely low noise floor/ clean power= audio bliss. No other way to put it. If you're considering a new sound card for your audio needs. You have to consider what Fiio has done with their K7. It is about as good as it gets for the bucks folks and if making your money counts for audio goods is a priority to you. Get yourself a K7 and be done with. You're not going to hear a better sounding source at the price of getting one. I am willing to guarantee you that. Thanks for taking the time to read.



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