FiiO Music App V3.1.5 for Android devices, X5III/X7MKII/X7 and M11/M11Pro/M15 update now!


Updated on 2022-12-30

Changes and improvements about new Android APP are as follows :

1. Added experimental functions (PEQ adjustment, DLNA transmission);

2. Added desktop icon shortcuts (multimedia service, local music, playlists, continue);

3. Fixed the abnormal playback issue of some tracks;

4. Fixed the issue that some MQA tracks cannot be recognized;

5. Optimized DLNA album catalog tracks to be sorted by track number;

6. Optimized performance and fixed other bugs.


Android FiiO Music app-V3.1.5: Click here

FiiO Music app-V3.1.5 for X series Android players: Click here

FiiO Music app-V3.1.5 for M series Android players: Click here