FiiO M11S review: a mid-price music player with premium Hi-Res sound

The M11S portable music player by FiiO is relatively small and affordable compared to its rivals, such as Astell & Kern which offer big and expensive alternatives. When you consider the M11S’s specifications, its numerous connectivity options and the quality of its build and finish, it’s hard not to shake the idea that the M11S might almost be a bargain.

In almost every sonic respect, the FiiO M11S makes a very persuasive case for itself. Its presentation is big but detailed, punchy but controlled, and upfront without being raucous. It’s an entertaining and informative listen and is admirably unfussy about the standard of the audio files you’re playing. By the standards of today's music players, it’s not picky about the sort of headphones you pair it with either (although ‘better’ is always better, of course).

The FiiO M11S is definitely built to compete with the other portable music players in our best MP3 players guide, no matter how high-quality your files are. It's only when treble reproduction is concerned that the M11S overplays its hand. We’re all for ‘lively’, of course, but the line has to be drawn somewhere – and in the case of this FiiO portable music player, that line is just a little before where the treble attack becomes too much.




Author:techradar; By Simon Lucas


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