3. How to turn on the R7? How to choose the suitable power supply for R7?

Power supply

As a desktop All-in-one machine, the R7 does not come with a battery. It supports DC or AC power supply. You could choose either power supply for it.


AC power input: compatible with 100~240V

R7 power adapter power supply voltage support between 100V to 240V AC power

When you use the AC power supply, please turn off the AC power switch first. Then toggle the AC/DC power switch to AC, and turn on the AC power switch.


DC power input: external DC power supply, 12V-3A

The R7 can also be used with external DC power supplies, such as the FiiO PL50 linear power supply or other power supplies to give your sound an even purer, blacker background to truly make the musical details pop.

When you use the DC power supply, please toggle the AC/DC power switch to DC.


Power on:

After connecting to the power supply, short press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the R7.



Long press the power button,then click the power icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click shutdown to turn off the R7.