4. Buttons and ports, Operating modes, Signal input, output method and Gain description for R7

[Buttons and Ports Labeled]

[USB Port]

The back of the R7 has a USB Type-C port and a USB-A port. The USB 3.0 Type-C port supports data transfer, USB HOST, USB OTG and so on, and the USB-A port only supports USB HOST and USB OTG.

Data transfer ×
USB DAC Mode ×
DP output mode(Connect to an external display) ×
Hard disks
External decoders
Expansion hubs

[Operating modes supported by R7]

The R7 supports eight operating modes including Roon Ready, Android mode, Pure Music mode, Bluetooth Receiving mode, USB DAC mode, COAX mode, OPT mode and AirPlay mode. It is defaulted to enter Android mode when it powers on for the first time. You can switch to other operating modes by holding the power button for about 2s or dropping down the menu from the status bar.

Android mode: Enjoy third-party apps, such as major streaming services;

Pure music mode: Exclusive FiiO pure music mode, for even more immersive music;

USB DAC mode: Greatly improve the sound of any computer/phoone by connecting to

them as a decoder;

Bluetooth receiver mode: Supports LDAC/SBC/AAC, making it easy to listen to excellent sound;

AirPlay receiver mode: Wirelessly connect iPhone/iPad and other iOS devices, giving them a

huge boost in sound quality;

Roon Ready mode: Roon Ready certified, giving you an ergonomic player in seconds;

Coaxial/optical decoding mode: By being able to receive optical/coaxial signals, the R7 turns

into a high-performance decoder

[Sigal input supported by R7]

R7 supports USB input, optical input, coaxial input, Bluetooth receiving, Ethernet, TF card and other signal inputs to meet your multiple use conditions.

[Output supported by R7]

R7 supports XLR4 balanced, 4.4mm balanced,6.35mm headphone out (front panel) and RCA line-out, Optical out,Coaxial out, XLR balanced line-out(back panel),Bluetooth out, USB Audio out.

[Settings of Analog Output Level]

The R7 supports 4 output levels. Different level position means different output modes. Here are details

(√ means the current level has output while × means no output).


There are 5 levels, High, Medium Low and Super High and Ultra High modes, corresponding to 5 levels of output voltages. You can select different gains according to the earphones used.