5. The instruction of output indicator light and volume knob indicator light

You could set the indicator light from System Settings-Display-Indicator Control.

You can set the brightness, working status and light color of the volume/output knob indicator.

Brightness-Auto brightness: Based on volume/Based on temperature/User-defined

Working status: Constantly on/Pulsing/Off

Light color-Auto color: Based on audio format/Fixed color(Red/Blue/Cyan/Purple/Yellow/White/Green/Orange)/Repeated pulsing

When selecting 'based on audio format', the indicator color will work as follows:

  Knob light color
Bluetooth(Receiving/Transmitting) SBC: Blue
AAC: Cyan
LHDC: Orange
aptX-HD: Yellow
LDAC: White
Local playback LQ: Blue
SQ: Cyan
HQ: Yellow
MQA: Purple
DSD: Green

UAC/Coaxial/optical decoding
<48K: Blue
>48K: Yellow
MQA: Purple
DSD: Green