10. How to use the coaxial and optical decoding function of R7?

[How to connect]

Optical / Coaxial output device -> R7 -> Headphones / Speakers

[How to Set]

R7 input setting: After power on the R7, hold the power button for about 2s or drop down the menu from the status bar, then switch to the corresponding optical / coaxial decoding mode. And access the corresponding optical / coaxial cable to [OPTIAL IN] or [COAXIAL IN] port in the back panel of the R7.

R7 output setting: switch to the corresponding output port according to the interface used, switch to [PO] on the front panel headphone out, switch to [PRELO] or [LO] on the rear panel line-out,switch to [PO+PRELO] on the front panel headphone out and rear panel line-out.

Play music from the front-end Optical / Coaxial output device and you could enjoy the music.

Note: If there is no sound, please try other tracks to exclude the format and file problem.

[No output from coaxial/optical output port in coaxial and optical decoding mode?]

Coaxial/optical decoding mode does not support coaxial/optical output.