21. Instructions for Settings->Display

Sample rate display

With it turned on, the sample rate of the currently playing song will be displayed.

Indicator Light control

You could set the indicator light from System Settings-Display-Indicator Control.

You can set the brightness, working status and light color of the volume/output knob indicator.

Brightness-Auto brightness: Based on volume/Based on temperature/User-defined

Working status: Constantly on/Pulsing/Off

Light color-Auto color: Based on audio format/Fixed color(Red/Blue/Cyan/Purple/Yellow/White/Green/Orange)/Repeated pulsing

Screen timeout

This option is to set the time when the device will enter sleeping mode after inactivity. The device will enter low power consumption mode after 10 minutes of sleeping. Short press the Power/Lockscreen button to wake it up.

Screen saver

Select the Personalized screen saver or system screen saver.

Screen saver time: The R7 will enter the screen saver page when not operating the R7 within the setting time.