4. How to enter enhanced over-ear headphone mode(Ultra High mode) and Desktop mode?

When the M15S is connected to fast charging adapter, the enhanced over-ear headphone mode could be enabled. At this time, the system will pop up a window to prompt the selection of Ultra High Mode and Desktop mode. And the enhanced over-ear headphones mode will be added to the gain setting menu. Please choose whether to switch according to your needs.

Ultra High Mode

The max output power will be1200mW@32Ω in the ultra high mode, and the power supply of

the amp module will be increased to +7.6V.

Desktop mode

When the desktop mode is selected, the machine will be powered by USB, and its battery will neither be charged nor powered, effectively increasing battery life.

How to exit Desktop mode?

You could turn off the Desktop mode from system setting-General-Desktop mode.