Black and White Versions, FiiO Desktop HiFi Center, Transmitter/Decoder/Amp/Preamp All-in-One Unit FiiO R7 Is Officially Released!

The desktop HiFi center, transmitter/decoder/amp/preamp all-in-one unit FiiO R7 features robust connections and expansion capabilities as well as a wide variety of operating modes. It is also capable of streaming media on a gorgeous portrait screen for an extraordinary user experience. The R7 brings you an attractive-looking, easy-to-use and great-sounding desktop HiFi experience!


1. Pleasant to listen to

(1) Specially-optimized audio circuit design

The R7 utilizes an ES9068AS DAC in conjunction with a pair of THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifiers to ensure the R7 faithfully reproduces your audio. Besides, the R7 has five gain levels. Under the enhanced over-ear headphone mode, the R7 is capable of outputting up to 3W, more than enough to power low- and high-impedance headphones.


(2) DC/AC dual power supply design

Electricity is the root of great sound. Inside the R7 is a 30W switching power supply. The DC input circuit is of a ±12V high-voltage power supply design. Both power circuits contribute to the robustness of the power supply system. The R7 can also be used with external DC power supplies, such as the FiiO PL50 linear power supply or other power supplies to give your sound an even purer, blacker background to truly make the musical details pop.


2. Easy to use

(1) Bold design, exploring new form factors

A portrait media streaming and transmitter all-in-one unit is different from other audio players. We explored numerous form factors for a year, such as having a horizontal, flip, or even rotating screen. For each form factor, we built a specifically optimized and handcrafted prototype to truly and fully explore the advantages and disadvantages. After much real-world testing and many lessons learned, we boldly decided that the R7 would adopt a portrait-oriented display.


Thanks to the portrait form factor, the 5.0-inch high-definition display, Android 10 operating system, and Snapdragon 660, you can enjoyably experience major streaming and other third-party apps like never before on the R7. Satisfy your media consumption desires with such an easy-to-use device.


(2) Desktop HiFi center

A full range of inputs and outputs helps to quickly and easily build a desktop HiFi system with the R7 as the heart of it. Plus the four output modes, PO+PRE OUT/PO/LO/PRE OUT, with a freely switchable knob, you can switch different outputs with high proficiency.


What is more, the R7 features a wide variety of operating modes, including Android mode, Pure music mode, USB DAC mode, Bluetooth receiver mode, AirPlay receiver mode, Roon Ready mode and Coaxial/optical decoding mode. Whether for local playback, streaming reception, or working as a transmitter or decoder, the R7 can absolutely meet your needs.


3. Good-looking

FiiO attaches importance to the listening and user experience, as well as the desktop needs of users. The R7 comes with carefully-designed details which bring a unique desktop HiFi culture.

-- The suave, square R7 with a gorgeous portrait display brings your desktop HiFi setup to life;

-- The gorgeous portrait display also helps to save space;

-- Thanks to the included protective covers, you don’t have to compromise on maintaining good looks on your great-sounding unit;

-- The side honeycomb vents serve as both heat dissipators and as a futuristic touch;

-- A recessed rear panel means more elegant wire connections and less clutter;

-- The seamless WiFi/Bluetooth antenna packs much capability in a simple square inch;

-- The customizable RGB lights give your desktop setup some extra personality.


If connecting the R7 to FiiO's recently released large dynamic hi-res over-ear headphones FT3, and the hi-res active desktop speakers SP3, we will see excellent coordination with harmonious visual effects. An elegant and compact setup just stands out.


White version:

Compared to the black version, the white one has no differences in configuration and functions, but only differs in the processing. The white version is made of electrophoresis-processed aluminium alloy, which comes with a rigid layer of coating, scratch and corrosion resistant. In addition, the soft and delicate texture makes every grip comfortable and pleasant. Also, it is not easy to corrode, age and discolor.


In general, the R7 effectively consolidates them into a compact package what used to require many different devices to do. One simple device can now meet all of your demanding listening needs. The R7 is also highly scalable and can be easily connected to many other external devices, inviting you to further explore the limits of the R7's truly mind-boggling functionality.


* Each R7 order on our AliExpress Official Store will get a free remote control, the RM3, which is a customized version for FiiO's R series products. Click the link below to take the R7 home right away.


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