4. K9's signal input and output method description

【Input Supported by K9】

K9 supports USB input, optical fiber input, coaxial input, line input, and Bluetooth input, a total of 5 input methods, and the input can be switched by the INPUT button on the front panel.

Input the highest sample rate supported:

USB: 768kHz/32bit, DSD512

Coaxial: 192kHz/24bit, DOP64

Optical fiber: up to 96kHz/24bit

Bluetooth: LDAC protocol supports up to 96k

Line: analog signal, pure amplification, no decoding


【Input priority】

1. Line input: 4.4 Line input > RCA IN

2. For other inputs, short press the INPUT button to switch the input


【Output supported by K9】

K9 supports 6.35mm single-ended output, 4.4 balanced output, XLR4 balanced output, RCA line output (LINE OUT), balanced line output (BALANCED OUT), a total of 5 output methods.


【Output priority】

1. [PO]Front panel output: 4.4mm, 6.35mm and XLR4 balanced output, with the same priority, can output at the same time, but it is not recommended to use it for a long time at the same time, especially when the impedance of the two earphones is quite different. The output volume may be too loud and can cause the low-impedance headphones in it to overload and cause damage.

2. [LO] or [PRE] rear panel output: LINEOUT and BALANCE OUT can be output at the same time

Note: When LINE input is selected, LINE OUT output is not supported.