5. K9 indicator light description

K9 adopts RGB indicator light. When the power is turned on, the indicator light is on.

In the playback state of digital signal input (including USB, OPT, COAX), it can indicate the current audio quality:

1. Cyan ≤ 48khz sampling rate (K9 does not support songs with a sampling rate lower than 44.1kHz)

2. Yellow>48khz sampling rate

3. Green DSD format


【Measures to deal with abnormal red light】

1. When the red light is always on, it means that the internal temperature of the machine is too high. In order to protect the internal circuit from being damaged, K9 will stop working at this time. It is recommended to leave it for a while before using it.

2. When the playback is abnormal, such as red flashing or breathing, it is recommended to turn off the boat switch on the back panel, restart the K9, and unplug some output interfaces before using the K9.


【RGB indicator status】