6. K9 accessory list

【Packing list】:

1. K9 host x1

2. Power cord x1

3. Square port USB data cable x1

5. 6.35mm to 3.5mm headphone conversion head x1

6. Quick start x1

7. After-sale maintenance card x1

8. Power supply voltage selection prompt card x1

9. Fuse x1

10. Voltage protection plug x1

11. Base x1

12. Machine foot pad x6


【Fuse function】

The fuse is used to cut off the power supply when a short circuit occurs or the voltage does not match, so as to protect K9.

It can be replaced with other fuses of the same specification. The specification of the fuse tube is @T 250V500mA H 5.2x20mm.


【The red voltage gear at the bottom】

The delivery voltage protection plug is plugged into the bottom for dust protection. There are two voltage levels of 110V and 220V for selection. Adjust to the corresponding voltage according to the local voltage level. When you are not sure how to choose the local voltage, please consult FiiO customer service.


【How to use the support stand and isolation feet】

If you want to save more space on the desktop, you can put the K9 vertically with the support stand for supporting.

--If settled vertically on the desktop, we can just paste 2 isolation feet on the side that contacts the desktop.

--Laying down on the desktop needs 4 isolation feet for better protection.

--The 6 isolation feet are included in the accessory, which you can use for your preference.