8. How to use K9 as a USB DAC function to connect to a computer?

【Windows computer】

1. Install the FiiO DAC universal driver on the computer: Click


a. This version of the driver can only be used in Win10 and Win11 systems. Win7 and Win8 are not applicable.

b. If you have already installed other versions of the driver, please disconnect all FiiO devices from the computer when installing the 5.50 driver (otherwise it may cause a file missing prompt after the 5.50 version is installed).

2. K9 input setting: K9 [INPUT] switches to USB gear.

3. K9 output setting: switch to the corresponding output port according to the interface used, switch to [PO] on the front panel, switch to [PRE] or [LO] on the rear panel.

4. Connect the computer and K9 through a square USB data cable, set the audio output of the computer system and the audio output of the playback software to K9 and then use it.

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