11. How to use the K9 as Bluetooth receiver?

【How to use Bluetooth】

1. After power on, [INPUT] switches to BT mode

2. Open the Bluetooth settings on the mobile phone, find K9 and click

3. Select the corresponding headphone port output: switch to the corresponding output port according to the interface used, switch to [PO] on the front panel, switch to [PRE] or [LO] on the rear panel

Note: After turning it on, the Bluetooth control function of K9 can be used at any time. As long as it is turned on, K9 can be set through software without switching to BT mode.

【Clear pairing】

If you have already connected to other Bluetooth devices, you can force the K9 to pair with the new device by pressing and holding [INPUT] for 5 seconds.


【No response after Bluetooth connection】

1. Restart K9

2. Clear the pairing of K9

3. Delete the K9 from the Bluetooth settings on the mobile phone and pair it again

4. Long press [INPUT] to clear the pairing, and K9 will re-enter the pairing mode with the red and blue lights flashing