14. What is the difference between K7, K9 and K9Pro?

The main functional differences between K9 and K9Pro:

1. Cancel the Type-C port on the side in K9

2. Cancel MQA support, the highest sampling support of K9 is PCM768k, DSD512; coaxial support DSD64 (DOP)--K9Pro only supports PCM384k, DSD256, and does not support coaxial DSD decoding

3. The RGB indicator changes to cyan blue when playing 48k and below in K9 (K9Pro is dark blue)

4. Support UAC1.0 and UAC2.0: You could switch UAC mode through FiiO Control APP

5. In Bluetooth mode, PEQ is supported in K9.

6. Change the filter settings to 3 in K9 (K9Pro E is 6, K9Pro is 7)