FiiO's Multimedia Keypad KB1K White Version Is Officially Released!

Ever since the release of the multimedia keypad, more and more users have been experiencing the convenience and fun of music control, desktop collocation, and shortcut keys of the HiFi keypad. To meet your needs for different colors, we are preparing the KB1K white version.


The KB1K white version and the black version have exactly the same configurations and functions. But in terms of desktop collocation, the white KB1K can provide you with an additional color choice to meet the needs of different styles and tones on the desktop, such as a minimalist style, light color or pure white and other styles.


This HiFi keypad has some simple functions as default, such as switching songs quickly, adjusting music, and playing/pausing music. If you want to customize the function of the keys and knobs, you can download the control program, FiiO Keyboard, on our official website, and then set the compound keys or strings by running the program to complete rich function expansions and get a better experience.


*The KB1K white version is available on our AliExpress Official Store. Click the link below to take it home right away.


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